Trust the Shivam Nursing Home in Hajipur
Trust the Shivam Nursing Home in Hajipur

Trust the Shivam Nursing Home in Hajipur

About MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL)

MedRev Hospital Managements

MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL) is a fast-growing company in India that wants to make healthcare better. We bring in and provide hospitals management services with the things they need, our team of experienced hospital management consultants, clinical experts, and business experts and systems improvement consultants has a strong experience of improvement works in rural, urban, and public hospitals, medical colleges, and healthcare systems.
Through a range of Hospital management services, we can help you address pressures now and position you to manage your services and resources going forward. This includes assessing and improving operations and reducing costs to support cash flows and synchronized care delivery models.


Shivam Nursing Home managed by MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL)

Shivam Nursing Home, by MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL) offers world-class medical care at the residence. We ensure that the sufferer receives conform and quality healthcare in the home. We get attached to your family to give a hand great support for recovering the patient’s condition.

Our Treatment

We are the specialists in all these medical health conditions with the greatest facilities available under one roof. 


Gall Bladder




Normal Delivery

Cesarean section

Surgical Delivery

Abdominal Hysterectomy



We deal with the health maintenance and diseases of women, especially of the reproductive organs.  


General Surgery

We have medical doctors who are trained in the surgical treatment of illness and injury to treat a medical condition.



We have specialized doctors who are able to diagnose and treat the problem affecting your digestive system.



Our doctors specialize to inspect and operate on the organs inside the abdominal (belly) and pelvic area.

IUI Treatment
in Hajipur

At the Shivam Nursing  Home, managed by MedRev Healthcare Pvt. Ltd (MHPL), we are dedicated to providing infertility treatment through intrauterine insemination(IUI). IUI is a procedure that helps to treat infertility. This procedure has a high chance of getting pregnant by placing prepared sperm into the uterus, the organs in which a baby develops.  Another name for this procedure is Artificial Insemination. Our doctors are passionate about treating complex cases because they enjoy hard work in abnormal cases making it possible. They have a passion for solving every infertility case with great technologies, which increases the chances of being a parent.

Our Doctors Team

Dr. Sheela Verma


Dr. Suman


Dr. Divya


Dr. Tushar


Shivam Nursing Home Road, Subhash chowk, Veer Kunwar Singh Colony,
Shahi colony, Hajipur, Bihar 844101

Management by MedRev

The team MedRev are healthcare pioneers. They worked hard to make the hospital successful. Their big efforts helped create and grow the hospital. It’s successful today because of their important contributions and strong dedication.


Chairman & Managing Director


Director Sales & Marketing


Director Operation & Supply Chain


Director Finance

Why Shivam Nursing Home?

We understand caring for sick people is the best way to serve humanity. Because in this service both spirits are witnesses of the “karma”. We strongly feel the depth of every patient’s need, so we never compromise on our duty.

All Advanced Treatment options available

We have unique and latest medical treatments that give results faster than traditional treatment.

Innovation in Patient Care

Every patient has the need for personalized and unique care and we have the experience to fulfill the patient's need.

Expert Team of Doctors

Always quality of treatment depends on knowledge and experience and we never compromise with having resultant doctors.

Best Quality Standards

We are dedicated to providing top-notch quality treatment. Because patient satisfaction is our motto.

Laparoscopy surgery is are common and safe surgery. Large studies show that the rate of complications that come with laparoscopy is less than 1%. With the rate of major complications less than 0.5%.

The risk directly depends on the age, diseases, co-morbidities, and other factors like pre-existing, medication, etc.

you might choose to see a gastroenterologist if you are suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms such as cramping, pain, discomfort, or sudden changes in bowel movements

If you are 35 or younger, conception should happen in about 6 months. If not, it is time to see a gynecologist.


Happy Patient

We sincerely thank you and her for an excellent, selfless, and very valuable nursing service. Once again a big thank you and sincere gratitude to Shivam Nursing Home.

I just to say a big thank you for the excellent services provided by Sisters from Shivam Nursing Home. She was punctual, and polite and looked after my mother in a very caring manner.

The staff of Shivam Nursing Home are very humble and approachable. I will highly recommend, Shivam Nursing Home, if anyone is looking for any assistance to take care of any our a personal touch!

I have received very good feedback from such patients. They are satisfied and peaceful with the quality of service and personal care by the attending staff. I highly recommend the Shivam Nursing Home |

I have been associated with ‘India Home Health Care’ for a few months now. I have referred many of my patients, who need care at home, to this organization. Shivam Nursing Home is a great organization.

They also take an interest in talking to the patient and very carefully monitor what instruction is needed. Even when a substitute is required, their nurses are very capable of taking care of the patient.

My mother has had a knee replacement surgery. Post-surgery we had nurses from Shivam Nursing Home, who were very professional and attentive. It was always a pleasure to see them perform every day.

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