Radiology Services in Hajipur

What is radiology?

Radiology is also called diagnostic imaging. It is a series of tests that take pictures or images of the body to diagnose and treat different diseases. It may be used diagnostically to determine whether a medical condition is present (such as by finding lung cancer), interventionally as a procedure (such as removing a blood clot in an artery), or as a treatment. 

Types of Radiology

We will discuss the 6 types of radiology techniques, which help to screen, diagnose, or monitor the medical condition.

Advantages of Radiology

Radiology is the principal management process of all diseases. Moreover, it is the way through which the doctors find out detailed information about disease-related structural changes. We already know that early diagnosis of any medical condition for treatment.

Radiology has several advantages some of these are : 

  • Sometimes radiology is a completely non-invasive or less invasive technique of diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Radiology is a less expansive diagnosis and treatment method than any medical or surgical treatment procedure. 
  • Blood vessel diseases like the narrowing of arteries, which obstruct the smooth flow of the hemorrhage, blood clots, and vein blockage can be easily treated with the help of radiology. 
  • Radiology can effectively treat benign or malignant tumors. It destroys the tumors. It destroys the tumors in situ (original procedure of growth) and also counters tumors that have spread to other parts of the body due to metastasis(the process through which the cancer cell spreads from its original position to the other organs of the body).  
  • The procedure of radiology can also be used for inserting a feeding tube into a patient’s body to drain out fluids from the abdominal region or chest. 
  • radiology is considered to be a popular treatment for treating different stone diseases such as kidney stones or gallstones. 


In the Shivam Nursing Home, all radiology is conducted under highly qualified expert and experienced specialists known as radiologists.

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